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Akaei release Echelon demo

Killer Tank and Toon Car also available for download

Akaei have released demos for a trio of their latest releases. Top of the pile is Echelon, an entertaining sci-fi flight combat game that sports gorgeous graphics and refreshing arcade-style action. Next up is Killer Tank, another action game which (as the title suggests) puts you in charge of an upgradeable über-tank, working for an evil mastermind as you take on those pesky do-gooding heroes. Finally we come to Toon Car, a Mario Kart inspired motor-racing-with-giant-headed-cartoon-characters game. Nothing too deep then, but it's all good clean fun. You can grab the demos (which each weigh in at around 80Mb) from the Akaei website -

download Echelon demo

download Killer Tank demo

download Toon Car demo

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