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Devil may take a bit longer

Why are we waiting?

Capcom reckons Devil May Cry will barely make it in time for Christmas here in Europe. The highly anticipated genre-transcending festival of fantasy has suffered setbacks in the past, but we were hoping to see it emerge on November 23rd, along with a number of other heavy-hitting PlayStation 2 titles like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Capcom may have shifted position on DMC's release date to give the game a more comfortable run. The game may now arrive as late as December 14th, or perhaps a week earlier on the 7th. Either way, it joins a massive roster of impressive games on sale in the run up to Christmas. Grand Theft Auto 3 is already leading the all format sales charts across the UK, and games like SSX Tricky, the phenomenal ICO and of course Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 are just around the corner. With no real console competition this festive period in Europe, the PlayStation 2 enjoys a unique dominance, and by the looks of things, it wants to get as far ahead of any pursuing pack as possible before Xbox and GameCube launch next Spring. Related Feature - Devil May Cry preview