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Genma Onimusha confirmed

When a cross-console conversion is not a cross-console conversion

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Capcom has officially announced plans to release Genma Onimusha on Microsoft's Xbox, as we reported from the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month. The game is due out in early 2002, and builds on the award-winning Onimusha Warlords PS2 game, which sold more than two-million copies worldwide. Genma Onimusha "displays more enemies simultaneously due to its powerful graphic capabilities" and features a new attack system, new areas, visuals and costumes and a "new soul rope-pulling fighting system". Early reports cite Genma as a trumped up rehash of the original compared to the ever-evolving Onimusha 2, which is already gathering pace on PlayStation 2. Related Feature - Autumn TGS: Xbox

Source - press release

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