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Delta Force invades PlayStation

Tactical shooter series comes to console for first time

Novalogic have announced that they will be releasing Delta Force : Urban Warfare some time in May 2002. The latest first person shooter in their multi-million selling tactical combat series is not coming to the PC though, but instead to the elderly PlayStation. At a time when most other publishers are putting their PSX development kits into retirement homes, this will actually be Novalogic's first game for the console. Whether any more will follow remains to be seen, as they have already pledged their support for Microsoft's Xbox with a port of Comanche 4 known to be underway. Urban Warfare is being developed by Rebellion, the brains behind Aliens vs Predator and Gunlok. CEO Jason Kingsley is said to be "proud, and thrilled, to be involved in such an exciting project", and is promising a "unique AI system" as well as all-new missions and the usual array of hi-tech weaponry. Rebellion apparently "aims to bring its expert game design and technical skills to bear to make this a chart busting title", while Novalogic themselves described the British company as "the perfect development partner for this project .. a much respected and extremely talented development house". Aw, bless. Related Features - Delta Force : Urban Warfare screenshots

Source - press release