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Sierra SWATs Xbox

Publisher goes tactical on Microsoft

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Sierra have announced that BritSoft developer Argonaut is working on a new entry in the SWAT series for them. Subtitled Global Strike Team, the new game will be released next autumn on the Xbox and "another, yet to be announced, next-generation console". That'll be the PlayStation 2 then. Set some time around 2020, the game promises a variety of missions "unlike any seen before", taking you all over the world as you battle heavily armed bad guys. Worryingly Sierra are saying that Global Strike Team will combine "the strategic elements of SWAT 3 with the instantly accessible arcade action of the Virtua Cop series". We can only hope they don't dumb it down too far, because SWAT 3 was rather good. Related Feature - SWAT 3 review

Source - press release

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