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Comanche heads for the Xbox

Novalogic's helicopter combat game is being adapted for the Xbox

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Novalogic have today announced that they will be releasing an Xbox version of their latest helicopter action game Comanche 4 towards the end of 2002. Given that the PC version of the game has been tailored to make the most of NVIDIA's GeForce 3 graphics card it's perhaps no great surprise, and the first early screenshots of the Xbox version are already looking even more impressive than the PC version, with smooth rolling terrain and an intricately detailed model for your RAH-66 chopper. "Taking advantage of the amazing technology offered by Xbox, the game will include the most incredible graphics ever seen in a helicopter shooter, including dense foliage and realistic rotor wash effects on the ground and over water", according to producer Wally Wachi. The game will also take advantage of the Xbox's multiplayer capabilities, with "large-scale online support" being promised alongside the usual split-screen options. More details should be announced next year, but we already know that the PC version of the game will allow up to sixteen players to battle it out in deathmatch, teamplay and co-operative modes on a LAN or through the developer's own Novaworld service, and we would guess that the Xbox version will sport similar features. Related Feature - Comanche 4 preview (PC)

Source - press release

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