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LMA Manager transfers to PS2

Codemasters go international for football management sim sequel

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Codemasters have unveiled the new PlayStation 2 version of their popular football management sim series LMA Manager, which has previously been restricted to the venerable PSOne. Taking advantage of the increased disc space, memory and processor speed available on the PS2, the new game will feature all the main French, Spanish, Italian and German clubs in addition to the English and Scottish ones included in the PSOne version of the game. The extra European leagues bring the total up to 722 clubs and 17,000 players, which is peanuts compared to the likes of Championship Manager on the PC, but still marks a step up for console-based management games. All six leagues also run simultaneously, allowing you to see how Real Madrid are doing even if you're unfortunate enough to be managing Leicester City at the time. Of course, if that's the case you'll probably be wanting to keep an eye open for job vacancies on the continent in case you need to make a swift exit, and with a "vastly bigger pan-European transfer market" being promised you can also try to pilfer foreign talent to boost your team's fortunes. LMA Manager 2002 should be winging its way to the PlayStation 2 some time in the spring, while the old fashioned PSX version of the game is due for release in a couple of weeks.

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