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Shadow of Zorro falls across Cryo

Another swashbuckling action-adventure game on the way

Cryo have announced a new swashbuckling action-adventure game based on the exploits of the fictional hero Zorro, who has appeared in pulp novels, comic books, television series and movies spanning some eighty years. Shadow of Zorro takes you to Los Angeles in the year 1822 and sees the masked swordsman investigating a new police chief who may be an infamous Spanish traitor accused of colluding with the French during the recent Napoleonic Wars. The whole thing is intended to remain faithful to the original TV series, with action split between daring rescue missions, stealthy spying, swordplay and gun fights. Shadow of Zorro should be available on PC from 23rd November and PS2 from 7th December, with Acclaim distributing the game in the UK and Dreamcatcher handling America. And with Cryo the proud recipients of an exclusive five year license to create games based on the classic character, we can no doubt expect Zorro to ride again soon. Related Feature - Shadow of Zorro