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Pocket Grand Master

Former chess champion Kasparov comes to the GameBoy Advance

Titus, the French company behind Virgin Interactive and Interplay, have announced that they will be releasing a chess game for the GameBoy Advance titled Virtual Kasparov. Designed by the brains behind the PC game Virtual Chess and sporting a selection of opening moves plucked from past master Garry Kasparov's repertoire, Titus are hoping to "checkmate even the most ardent chess fan". Naturally a two player link-up mode will be on offer, as well as a selection of 31 AI opponents, each apparently having their own personalities and preferences. Those of you not familiar with the one of the world's oldest and most popular strategy games can hide your shameful ignorance by working your way through a series of fifty tutorial modules, and there is even a "story mode" which allows you to unlock additional games and opponents as you progress. At the end of the day though it's chess, so let's face it, there's a limit to how exciting it can be. Look for Virtual Kasparov appearing on the GameBoy Advance some time in January.