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Crash, bang, whallop

Famous Bandicoot debuts on PlayStation 2, completing the Vivendi November trio

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Crash Bandicoot will debut on PlayStation 2 this November in a new adventure subtitled The Wrath of Cortex. In Crash's latest tale, action and platform elements will blend together with new visuals driven by the PlayStation 2's superior hardware, and Crash's running, jumping and spinning will look lovelier than ever. Dr. Cortex is once again the focus of the young Bandicoot's attention, because he's planning to use the power of PlayStation the elements to raise a powerful Elemental Lord to kill Crash. The levels will be themed around each element; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, and of course the mystical fifth element, Milla Jovovich (fired -Ed), and Crash will have to avoid contact with Cortex' sympathisers along the way. Crash has a new move for the game; tiptoe, and the game will feature more dramatic use of vehicles including gyrocopters, jeeps and a scooter. Players will also get their first taste of action with Crash's friends, including his dame Coco. Expect your head to start spinning in November. Related Feature - Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex screenshots

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