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Spider-Man swings into trouble

More World Trade Center fall-out for gaming industry

Spider-Man 2 became the latest game to fall foul of the terrorist attack on New York as Activision recalled the PlayStation title, which was due for release on Friday. According to a report in trade magazine MCV, the entire shipment will now be scrapped while the developers remove a level which is set in a "building which loosely resembles the twin towers". In other scenes the World Trade Center look-alike is clearly visible on the city's skyline in the background, and presumably these references will also have to be removed. The new version of the game should now hit shelves on October 19th, four weeks later than planned.

Just one of the scenes which will need to be edited

Last week Microsoft announced that they were removing the World Trade Center from Flight Simulator 2002, while Konami were reviewing the American release of Metal Gear Solid 2 in light of the terrorist attacks. A number of other games have been delayed, withdrawn or re-edited over the last few days.

Source - MCV