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Cryo get the Spice of life

Dune heading to PC and PlayStation 2 in November

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Westwood's Dune 2 helped to launch the real-time strategy genre, providing the foundations for the company's breakthrough title Command & Conquer. But that "2" was in the title for a reason. French upstarts Cryo were actually the first to develop a game based on the epic science fiction world created by Frank Herbert and brought to the big screen in controversial form by maverick director David Lynch. Today few people remember the original Dune game, which was one of the first to debut on CD-Rom and featured an innovative mixture of adventure and strategy elements, but despite that Cryo are back for a second bite.

That really doesn't look like a good idea to me

Developed by fellow French company WideScreen Games, the new Dune title is an action-adventure affair based on the recent Sci-Fi Channel TV mini-series. Set during the time Paul Atreides spent as a rebel leader of the mysterious Fremen natives of the planet Arrakis (aka Dune), the game sets you the task of harassing rival House Harkonnen by sabotaging production of the planet's all-important consciousness-expanding spice. Stealth and surprise should both be important factors and, in keeping with the novels, combat will include knife fighting alongside more advanced weaponry.

With the game due for release on Friday 23rd November, we should know more soon...

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