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Championship Manager Quiz

Out of the pub, into the PC

Sports Interactive and publisher Eidos have announced a new game called Championship Manager Quiz, which will be released on PC and PlayStation just in time for Christmas. As the title suggests, the game is a multiple-choice quiz featuring over 11,000 questions to keep football fanatics happy, co-developed by Sports Interactive and King of the Jungle. The whole thing is focused on the domestic English and Scottish leagues, although there are some international questions included and localized versions are being planned for other "football mad territories" next spring. Lucky them.

The game seems to have been partly inspired by Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which was turned into a truly awful multi-million selling computer game by Eidos last year. Hence the inclusion of three life lines, although in this case they are "One-Two" (aka "50-50", removing two wrong answers), "Hit & Hope" (which gives the player two chances to answer the question) and "Substitution" (which ducks the question entirely and gives you a new one to answer). Also included are a multitude of modes including "Exhbition" (play against the computer), "Keep Uppy" (keep answering questions until you get bored and smash your head through the monitor in frustration) and "Pub Quiz" (a way for lazy landlords and Student Unions to run a quiz night without having to think up any questions).

"At Sports Interactive we are sticking to what we know we do best - making football games that we want to play ourselves", commented managing director Miles Jacobson. "By doing that, we have consistently managed to produce games that other people want to play too. It really is that simple. And we're very happy that we've done that again with CM Quiz."

We're not convinced. No doubt it will find a home in the hearts of some football fanatics, but we can't help but think that it's a rather cynical attempt to cash in on the ever-popular Championship Manager name. Not to mention the fact that it sounds suspiciously like Daily Sport Football Strip, but without the topless models.

Source - press release

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