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Gothic comes to the UK

German role-playing game gets Europe-wide distribution, at last

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JoWood will be publishing German third person role-playing game Gothic as part of their deal with Phenomedia. We already knew that a forthcoming sequel to Gothic would be amongst the dozen games included in the deal, but at the time it wasn't clear whether or not the original game (which has been available in Germany for several months now) was also going to be reaching the rest of Europe. Now JoWood have confirmed to us that they should be releasing Gothic in the UK some time during November.

Set in a dark medieval fantasy world overrun by orcs, you find yourself thrown into a rebellious penal colony to deliver a message to a group of magicians trapped within. It's all a bit Escape From New York, but should be highly entertaining judging from the English language demo we were sent by developers Piranha Bytes earlier in the summer.

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