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Black & White & Pink all over

Peter Molyneux confirms Black & White sequel

During the chaos of ECTS earlier this week we missed Peter Molyneux confirming what we all knew already - that a sequel to the million selling genre-bending god game Black & White is in the works. He also discussed some of the features that gamers might be able to look forward to in the sequel, although given his track record thus far we would take all of these with a healthy pinch of salt.

Set some time after the original, the villagers will be more warlike and technologically advanced in the sequel. As a result combat may play a bigger role this time, with the addition of real-time strategy elements and the ability to turn villagers into leaders who will then march their friends into battle for you. And promptly get slaughtered by an unfeasibly large baboon. Probably. There's also talk of being able to mate creatures to produce bizarre cross-breeds, which could be .. interesting. We can only hope that more effort is put into the AI and beta testing second time round though, as the first game was somewhat marred by creatures with a five second attention span and game-stopping bugs, not to mention an awkward interface and control system.

Although no release date has yet been set for the game (probably a good thing given how often the original slipped), we wouldn't expect to see Black & White 2 for another couple of years, unless of course it turns out to be nothing more than a glorified mission pack. No doubt we will be hearing a lot more about the game in the meantime though...

Source - IGN

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