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Blizzard announce World of Warcraft

Massively multiplayer Warcraft game revealed

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blizzard's big press conference is currently taking place here at ECTS, and those of you expecting Diablo III or Starcraft II are in for a slight surprise. Peeking through the glass door of the conference room (there are two press conferences today and we're booked in for the second one, which is just about to start), it appears that Blizzard has actually announced a new massively multiplayer game called World of Warcraft. Just a few months ago at a press event in London, Blizzard's Bill Roper described massively multiplayer as "the holy grail of game designers", adding that "if Blizzard ever goes into something like that I think it would obviously be a very different idea and model than we've done with anything else". With the second press conference about to start, we should know soon exactly how different it's going to be...

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