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Château id?

Game developers and .. wine collectors?!?

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While we already knew of some of id's strange obsessions, from John Carmack's backyard space programme to Ferrari drag races at a local airstrip, an article in Wine Spectator reveals that CEO Todd Hollenshead and designer Tim Willits have an unexpected interest in vintage wines. Tim has apparently drawn up plans for a 2000 bottle temperature controlled wine cellar between designing levels for the new Doom, and the pair can be seen shopping together and meeting friends to "trade wine tips [and] dine out".

Not the kind of activity you would expect from an industry best known for the consumption of vast quantities of Mountain Dew and stale pizza. "Wine is almost the antithesis of video-game production", Todd admits. "That's why I enjoy the opportunity to contemplate the historical aspect of individual harvests, the nature of viticulture and its impact on people's lives. Wine collecting is an ever-evolving process. You're always learning something new."

Yes... Anyway, for those of you visiting Dallas (hardly renowned as a center of vinicultural excellence), Todd recommends a trip to Pappas Brothers Steakhouse. "Pappas has a very knowledgeable sommelier whose recommendations I follow. It's where I discovered Tokaji Aszú."

Lucky you. Of course, this is likely to be of little interest to most gamers, because as Tim Willits was kind enough to point out, "you don't normally see computer geeks sipping Mouton-Rothschild". Thanks, but I think I'll stick to a nice cheap bottle of Australian Chardonnay from the local Threshers...

Source - Wine Spectator

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