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Heli Heroes come to PC and Xbox

New arcade-style action game from the makers of Earth 2150

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Zuxxez have today unveiled Heli Heroes, a new arcade-style action game for the PC and Xbox developed by Reality Pump Studios. As the name suggests, the game puts you in control of a helicopter gunship battling your way across a range of exotic locations from the Middle East to Alaska in a near-future world, with the emphasis very much on fast-paced action. Indeed, at first glance it looks rather reminiscent of the old Strike series of chopper actioneers, with goal-based missions and plenty of enemy units to blow up as you roam around the landscape.

As with World War III : Black Gold, Heli Heroes is powered by the latest version of the 3D engine behind Reality Pump's real-time strategy game Earth 2150, and even appears to share some of the artwork with their previous games (those explosions look awfully familiar). It isn't as cutting edge for an action game as Zuxxez would like to believe, but it should still get the job done, and with support for multiplayer competitions, two player co-operative play and a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack it certainly isn't lacking in features.

Expect to see the game popping up some time

Source - press release

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