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Nintendo tweak controller

Not satisfied until the fans are!

As we approach the big console showdown of late 2001, support for Nintendo's GameCube is growing at a rate of knots. It seems like every morning in the last fortnight I've uncovered some new Nintendo revelation over my morning coffee. The PR machine is in full swing. Thus, the latest evidence that Nintendo loves you is the announcement that they have tweaked the GameCube controller design. E3 goers this year seemed almost overexcited about the console, but their coverage of the event drew attention to the slightness of the C-stick on the right hand of the pad, and the shallow grooves on the shoulder buttons. The word from Japan is that the C-stick has been fattened, and the shoulder buttons cut deeper. The red and green buttons have supposedly been switched from analogue to digital, too. The controller will be made from the same material as the PlayStation 2's DualShock 2. We'll bring your more information on the controller and the GameCube in general from the floor of The Nintendo Show in a fortnight's time. Related Feature - The Console Wars

Source - C&VG