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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Who shot JR?

John Romero blames transitional period for Ion Storm collapse?

In an update to his personal website Planet Romero earlier this week, former Ion Storm supremo John Romero talked (very briefly) about the aftermath of his company's collapse. "Stevie [Case], Tom [Hall], Lucas and myself are having a great time with everything we're working on - things which are not to be disclosed for a while", he wrote, adding that "I love being able to code again".

Apparently he's still in denial over Daikatana though, saying that "it's a transitional period right now that happens every 5-6 years [and] coupled with the recent stock market woes, things were worse than expected". He also compared the closure of Ion Storm to the recent demise of GOD, Dynamix and Rogue. And perhaps to some extent he is right. Although Ion Storm had lost a huge amount of money over the years and produced two stone cold dead turkeys (Daikatana and Dominion), their final release Anachronox is actually rather good, even if it hasn't met the chart success it deserves. But having sunk so much money into the company for so little return, it's hardly surprising that publisher Eidos decided to kill the studio, transitional period or not.