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Aces High gets a price cut

Massively multiplayer World War II combat sim goes lower

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have announced a price cut for Aces High, their award-winning but (until now) rather expensive massively multiplayer combat sim. Previously Aces High cost a staggering $29.95 a month to play online, two to three times higher than most other massively multiplayer games. But as from today the game's monthly unlimited usage fee drops to a more reasonable $14.95.

"Aces High has always gotten rave reviews, though touted in the on-line entertainment industry as a 'premium game at a premium price'", CEO Dale Addink boasted. "Now due to successful adoption rates we can reposition the game as the premium product at a competitive price."

The game has certainly proven popular despite its excessive price, with a Second World War setting and a wide range of planes to fly, as well as an ever expanding variety of ground vehicles and naval vessels for players to get to grips with. The software itself is free to download, and you can play with up to eight people online without having to pay anything. No doubt the price cut for the massively multiplayer version of the software will encourage more sim fans to give it a try though.

Source - press release

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