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Dynamix no more?

Sierra to can Tribes developer for good

According to developers and friends of the company, Tribes 2 developer Dynamix has been closed by bosses at Sierra. Speaking in public forums at TribalWar.com, current and former Dynamix employees have announced that the rumour doing the rounds of the company's dissolution may very well turn out to be true. Scott Youngblood (alias CornBoy) worked at Dynamix for over nine years. "Dynamix is going to be shut down and everyone laid off," he told sceptical fans. Compounding this, Dave Meddish, alias Diamondback told fans that only five people were left in the building yesterday afternoon, and everyone has been dismissed until Monday, when they will be told "the fate of Dynamix". Both Scott and Dave blame the "mismanagement of Sierra" for Dynamix' situation. Another employee, wishing to remain anonymous for fear of losing his severance pay, told TribalWar that "the lot of us were locked out of the building today". "The whole thing is quite a shock for most of us," he wrote, "aside from those few in upper management at Dynamix who could not manage the meagre bit of human decency that it would have taken to give us a warning." One would imagine we'll hear a lot of bitter reports from ex-Dynamix employees in the next week or so. Wrapped in denial, GameSpy's PlanetTribes website operator Yoshi decided to take a trip to the Oregon-based offices of Dynamix to find out more. He described "a very empty parking lot" and "a note on the door telling all Dynamix staff to call Carrie on the Call box". Employees and fans alike are waiting with baited breath for whatever announcement is made on Monday, but it's clear that nothing like this has ever darkened the doorway of the Tribes developer before, and nobody involved with the company holds much hope for a reprieve. It is believed that in the short-term at least Sierra will support Tribes 2. Related Feature - Tribes 2 Review

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