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Gran Turismo 3 league launched

Piggyback looking for Europe's best drivers

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Piggyback Interactive, the company behind the massive 164 page official Gran Turismo 3 strategy guide, have launched a new Europe-wide league for owners of the PAL version of the game. Running for the next six months, players will have the opportunity to report their fastest lap and race times over a series of challenges, with a "superb yet secret prize" on offer for the best overall performance across the entire series.

Obviously as the PlayStation 2 can't auto-report high scores over the internet like the PC or Dreamcast, Piggyback are having to institute a kind of random drugs test system where players will be asked to prove their claimed lap times are genuine. All of the winners will all be checked at the end of the competition to make sure they were above board as well, so don't think you can get away with cheating. For more information, head over to the competition website.

Source - press release

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