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New Quake III Patch

One letter removed from the last of course

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Texas patch masters Id Software have released Quake III version 1.29g for Windows and Linux. The patch weighs in at an inordinate 26Mb and "should upgrade any previous release of Quake 3 or Team Arena". Thankfully, for those who downloaded the 1.29f release, the AutoUpdater tool can be used to upgrade to the latest version, resulting in a much smaller transfer. According to the official website, a number of small changes have taken place. The website lists these problems as "what has changed since the last release," but we're guessing they mean these problems have been fixed!

Players joining (and apparently leaving) the game cause everyone to hitch

fs_handleforfile: none free ERROR

After last level of tier game doesn't stay on trophy screen, instead it takes you directly to next tier screen

No sound in NT 4.0 at all with 1.29f PR

There is a shader bug in Pro-q3dm6

developer cheats like R_Showtris have been disabled in the PR (they were never disabled, the user simply needs to run the game with "+set developer 1" minus quotes, at the command line.

made /startOrbit cheatprotected

Rcon issues now resolved.

fs_basegame isn't published to clients

fixedlegs command in the animation config is apparently not working

and - cvars fixed

All bugs should be reported to The patch can be downloaded in full from several mirrors, for Win32 and Linux.


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