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Microsoft farting around

Flatulent ogre steals limelight on Xbox?

When you put Microsoft into a room with three hundred Wall Street analysts, the last thing you expect to see is a flatulent green ogre. But according to a report from Reuters, Xbox exclusive game-of-the-movie Shrek stole the limelight at the normally serious annual business meeting yesterday. After a lengthy discussion of the ins and outs of the Windows XP launch and Microsoft's financial prospects for the next year, the audience was treated to a demonstration of several Xbox titles by Microsoft gaming envangelist Seamus Blackley.

Battling his enemies with flatulence and "fiery belches" rather than guns, Shrek is hardly a traditional action game hero. But it gets worse. "He can ignite the fart", Seamus proudly boasted to the stunned assemblage of financial movers and shakers.

Only in America...

Source - Reuters