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Worms on their way to PSOne and GBA

EON Digital snaps up the rights to two potential money spinners

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British publishers EON Digital have secured the rights to the PSOne and Game Boy Advance versions of Team 17's Worms World Party. The PSOne version is likely to be almost identical to the Dreamcast version, which we reviewed earlier this year, but the GBA version should be interesting. Of course, we've crossed paths with Worms World Party in the past, on the Dreamcast and PC. Our well-documented battle with the PC version's absurd copy protection system (which had us sitting pretty for three whole minutes while verifying the disc) left a sour taste in the mouth. Unlike previous attempts at Worms on a portable format, which fell flat on their faces (see our review of Worms Armageddon on the Game Boy Color for your evidence), the Game Boy Advance provides a reasonably specced platform for the famous multiplayer spineless 'em up. The Super Nintendo maintained a fairly reasonable Worms incarnation, and since the GBA is technically superior to the 16-bit console, we fancy its chances. Always eager to whet your appetites, EON have sent along a few early screenshots of the PSOne version, due out towards the end of 2001. Related Feature - Worms World Party PSOne Screenshots

Source - press release

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