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Kalisto returns to Fifth Element

Reveals NY Race for PC, PS2 and GBC

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French companies Kalisto and Wanadoo have formally announced their futuristic racing game NY Race, which is based on Luc Besson's surreal sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. Due for release in November, the game will let you step into the shoes of Korben Dallas and drive around the airways of New York City in a selection of over thirty flying cars, from Korben's yellow taxi to flying police cars.

New York, 2215

Kalisto are promising twelve non-linear tracks across four varied settings including "stunning scenarios specially created by the film's designers", as well as bustling 3D streets featuring all the flying cars and mobile Chinese take-aways seen in the movie. Throw in speeds reaching 500 mph and the ability to pull off near vertical dives, and this should hopefully turn out to be somewhat more entertaining than the Fifth Element action-adventure game that was released a few years back.

Source - press release

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