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4Kings lose out in CPL again

Along with all the news from last Sunday's affair

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It's that time again. What time? CPL time. Yes, once again, Angel Munoz and his minions are running a high profile Quake 3 and Counter-Strike tournament, and right here in London to boot. The qualifiers have already begun, with Counter-Strike wrapped up on Sunday, and next weekend marks the Quake 3 qualifier, with most of the country's hottest talents promising to put on a show. As with the CPL Holland UK Qualifier a few months ago, the Counter-Strike matches are played using what is regarded as a "proper" scoring system. Teams have to try and win as many Terrorist rounds on DE maps (where the impetus is on them to win by bomb detonation or wiping out the other team), and Counter-Terrorist rounds on CS maps, (where hostages must be rescued or the other team wiped out). At the end of a set period, the two teams swap around and it's the team with the most rounds that wins. Last Sunday's qualifier featured a number of big talents, with two groups of eight clans; LCA, NoC, G&D and 820 in Group A, and # (numbers), 4K, cs0 and Q3P in Group B. As you can see on the qualifier results page, NoC were the team to beat, winning all of their group games and beating off the challenge of TPF die hards cs0 in the first semi-final. 4K, losers of the Holland qualifier final, also put on a tremendous display, beating off the challenge of LCA in the other semi. Unfortunately for 4Kings, they once again lost out, this time to Clan Nocturne. Better luck next time, perhaps. The cash prize of £2,500 courtesy of AMD will be split between the ranks of NoC and the clan will progress to the UK finals next month. To find out more details about next week's Quake 3 qualifier, click here. Related Feature - CPL Holland Counter-Strike Qualifier

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