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Ninja Gaiden is a sort of hybrid of Final Fight-style side-scrolling beat 'em up gaming and Mario style platform leaping. It's one of Tecmo's hottest properties, along with Monster Rancher and (here's one you'll have heard of), Dead or Alive. The Ninja Gaiden series is apparently held in higher regard by the developers at Tecmo than those other titles though. Described as "the big one" in the past, Ninja Gaiden is set to attack a next generation system some time this year. But the problem is, Tecmo can't decide which one. In a somewhat unusual but not altogether unwelcome move, the company is asking for you to vote for your preferred system on its homepage, in the hope of discovering which is the most popular and most likely candidate for receiving a Ninja Gaiden update. The choices are PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and Game Boy Advance, and at the moment, Nintendo's GameCube is steamrollering the polls with over 66% of the vote. Nearly 23,000 people have apparently voted for a new Ninja Gaiden on GameCube, more than the rest of the votes put together. You can view those ever-changing results here. If you want to vote for yourself, there's still plenty of time, so head this way. Whether Tecmo will use this poll as a basis for its game is as-yet unknown, but it's nice to see a bit of democracy in the gaming world, for once. Related Feature - Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast Review

Source - Tecmo

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