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The eagle has landed

Digital Illusions update ageing war game

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In an unlikely move, Digital Illusions, best known for shallow racers like Motorhead and current license-holders for the Shrek videogame, have released a patch for ailing armed combat game Codename Eagle. Now, we're big fans of Codename Eagle, and you can usually spot a EuroGamer staffer at a LAN party thanks to the presence of a CE CD proudly displayed atop whichever machine we're lugging. Although our less than generous editor decided it was worth a paltry 4/10 (and perhaps his judgement was within reason), the glorious entertainment value of multiplayer CE with flocks of WASD-controlled aeroplanes and tanks is unrivalled. Also, this writer would lay claim to being the only person to successfully pilot a biplane for the whole of the "transport plane from aircraft carrier to aircraft carrier" mission, while upside down. Anyway, the patch. Amongst the additions are refined network code and the ability to support up to 30 players in multiplayer combat, as well as a new vehicle, the Battle chopper. Motorbikes can now carry two people, a new CTF level has been added, and commands like teamchange have been implemented, bringing the action into line with the rest of the first person multiplayer gaming genre. Along with the patch, which weighs in at a bulky 11Mb, Digital Illusions have blessed us with a Codename Eagle freeform deathmatch movie, meant to introduce and entice people to pick up the old game. You can download both of those, from here. Related Feature - Codename Eagle Review

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