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BBI to publish Spectrum

They control everything, including brands and license - lock, stock

Not content with scooping Sega's Dreamcast releases, French publisher Bigben Interactive and its UK subsidiary Planet Distribution have gained exclusive rights to Spectrum's brands and licenses. Under this agreement, BBI and Planet control such potent brands as 4Gamers (Gore) and the Jaguar Racing license, both of which it will promote throughout Europe. Spectrum has effectively surrendered day-to-day expansion plans to BBI/Planet, expecting the publisher to cover a full range of services including everything from warehousing to invoicing. The arrangement takes effect immediately, and both companies will now join forces at a united Manchester office. Alain Falc, BBI group chairman commented. "We welcome the highly talented Spectrum team into the BBI Group and we are confident that they will strongly contribute to the further growth of our business."

Source - CTW