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Lionhead roar

More conversion of Black & White on the way, and a possible PSOne release date

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After the cancellation of Black & White for the Dreamcast and the mixed reaction to the PC version, it looked like Lionhead were going to settle down and get on with creating a mission pack or sequel to the game instead of drowning the media in useless interviews. C&VG were lucky enough to collar Mark Webley though, one of the company's directors, for a few quick words. During his brief interview, Mark confirms that the PSOne version is "2-3 months" off, while PS2 and Xbox incarnations will be "finished (but not released) in June 2002". Also pencilled in is a Macintosh version. Mark also spoke about Lionhead's work with another team to see if they can get GameBoy Color or GameBoy Advance versions underway. "This is proving to be a hard thing to get moving," he said. Mark also spoke briefly about the ill-fated Dreamcast release. You can read the entire interview at C&VG. Related Feature - Black & White Review

Source - C&VG

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