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Razer's blunt

Parent company runs out of money

Kärna's Razer isn't the sharpest tool any more - in fact we've heard little about the proposed sequel to their popular Boomslang gaming mouse since last year when images of it appeared on ShugaShack.com. If you visit Razerzone.com today though, instead of hearing about new products you hear about new problems. Speaking through its website, the company has publicly thanked consumers for their support, before issuing the following statement: "Unfortunately, kärna LLC, the parent company of Razer, had a funding commitment fall through and has exhausted its present cash resources. kärna continues to explore all viable funding, alliance and acquisition opportunities in order to find a solution that will enable kärna to continue to develop its award winning computer input device products." In its present state then, we can't expect much in the way of R&D news from the company. It sounds as though things are pretty dire for Razer, although it describes itself as "riding out the storm" rather than going out of business. What will actually happen remains to be seen, but at the present time, technical support, warranties and sales will be handled by partner Labtec. The full statement can be viewed at Razerzone.com. Related Feature - Razer BoomSlang 2000 Review

EuroGamer's resident leftie, John 'Gestalt' Bye, demonstrates how he holds the BoomSlang. Freak!

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