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Sega set sights on edutainment

Tricking the kids into learning, what a rough sport

Sega wants to hit ten billion yen sales in 2004. That's a hell of a lot of money, even in Sterling. Some £58 million in fact according to current exchange rates. Reasoning that they'll never manage to do this off the back of a little blue hedgehog, a racing game with Offspring music and an online RPG, the board has decided to move the company in new directions, and at a news conference yesterday Sega's future entertainment division general manager Munehiro Umemura told reporters that to try and reach its goal, the company would delve into the lucrative edutainment sector. Edutainment, something we tend to avoid here at EuroGamer, is the crossover entertainment circle that concerned parents and loved ones tend to shop in during the festive period and for Birthdays. You're entertaining the little sprog, and yet they're being tricked into learning [and it's a dirty, rotten trick -Ed]. "We have been told that Sega has a lot of hidden treasures," Umemura said. "We will dig them up one by one, and will offer them to our customers." Thanks to FGN Online for that one.

Source - FGN Online

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