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No danger to Mullins

Soldier of Fortune still going ahead, despite recent high profile cancellations

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Good news for Dreamcast fans. It seems a long time since we've been able to say that, but according to IGN, they have their (American) review code of Solider of Fortune for the ill-fated Sega console, and the game is most likely scheduled for a July 19th release date. With any luck, they say, that won't change and Dreamcast fans will be able to stack it on top of their Crazy Taxi 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 game boxes and remember the good old days of Dreamcast domination. Er, in spirit anyway. The concern surrounding the release of SoF arises from the recent high profile cancellation of Half-Life Dreamcast by Sierra as predicted on these pages. Despite calling it correctly, we were more angered than anything at that news. Hopefully Soldier of Fortune will allow us to relieve our bottled up tensions once and for all. Related Feature - The Dream is over for Half-Life

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