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Anachronox goes gold

Ion Storm still standing

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Tom Hall has revealed that his Quake 2 engined role-playing game Anachronox has finally gone gold after what seems like an eternity in development. Contrary to earlier rumours that the company's Dallas studio would be shut down as soon as the game was finished, Tom told fan site Planet Anachronox that "we are taking the weekend off, then working on a demo and a few cool improvements we didn't have time to get in before the deadline", adding that they should be ready by the time the game hits shelves around the end of the month. We can only hope that that isn't marketing speak for "we had to kick it out the door in time for a second quarter release, but we'll have a patch ready for you by the time you get the game home". What the future holds for the troubled developer beyond that remains to be seen.

It's certainly been a long slog, but from what we saw of Anachronox at a press event in London last November it may well prove to have been worth the wait. Think Final Fantasy for the PC with real-time 3D graphics and a healthy dose of off-the-wall humour, bizarre characters and twisted sub games - we're still having nightmares about that "man dance" sequence. The latest information we have from Eidos is that the game should be released in the UK on June 29th, but given the sheer scale of the game it could be some time before we have a full review for you...

Source - Planet Anachronox

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