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Climax Group swallows Syrox whole

Young London based firm is bought lock, stock

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Kingston-upon-Thames based Syrox Developments have been acquired by Climax Group in an undisclosed equity and cash deal. Syrox was founded in 1993 and headed by MD Dominic Wood and Technical Director Mark Gordon. It currently employs 16 people. Syrox specialise in handheld and multiformat console development and enjoys approved developer status for Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. The Syrox portfolio includes Woody Woodpecker - Destruction Derby (Universal Studios Interactive/Konami), Asteroids (Activision) and Disney's The Lion King (Disney Interactive). "What on paper is an acquisition is in reality a partnership," Dominic Wood revealed in a prepared statement. "The games industry is increasingly becoming more cut-throat and this is a good deal for everybody concerned." Climax Group now has a number of development studios under its wing and forms a major player in the games industry.

Source - press release

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