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Goku Advance

New Dragon Ball adventure promised for GameBoy Advance

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Infogrames sub-division WizardWorks has announced the first details of its Dragon Ball Z line-up, "The Legacy of Goku" on GameBoy Advance. An action-adventure game with role-playing elements rather than a Ranma 1/2 style beat 'em up, the idea is to save the Earth from Saiyans and the galaxy from Frieza. It sounds fairly epic, spanning vast lands with plenty of non player character interaction. The loyal DBZ fanbase will lap it up, of course, and WizardWorks' senior VP Paul Rinde says his company's aim is to keep them contented first and foremost. "We've incorporated the same distinctive visual style and deep character development," Rinde said, "and combined them with proven game features such as multi-play and dynamic story telling". The game kicks off with the kidnapping of Goku's son (Goku being the one with the haircut that looks like some sort of jackhammer), which sets off a chain of galaxy-threatening events. Powerful alien forces converge on Earth to steal the Dragon Balls (objects which when brought together grant the possessor a single wish), and the game shifts our hero between Earth and the distant planet of Namek in pursuit of his son and the source of the Dragon Balls. RPG elements include character-building sections, but the game is less about standardized attacks and experience points and more about mastering certain attacks, Melee and Ki fighting. In story mode, the primary mode of single-player action, players move from chapter to chapter, completing quests and fighting battles. However, gamers can also play several chapters at once, simultaneously controlling different characters and accomplishing different tasks.

Source - press release

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