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Sega and Sony join forces online

Play DC games against PS2 owners, or something

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Sega and Sony have finally announced the online match-making service that will allow users of Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 to battle head to head. It's the first console crossover deal of its kind in history, and according to Sega is aimed at expanding the online gaming market. In reality it isn't as significant as it sounds. Sega gave up building their own consoles a while ago, so it makes sound business sense for them to chuck off the shackles of console market etiquette and build relationships with former rivals. The market wasn't particularly bothered by the announcement either, reacting unnoticeably if at all. In order to help facilitate this crossover, it is thought Sega will release a number of titles with the ability to interact with Sony's console during the summer. It's been known for a while that Sony intended to back-pedal on its broadband-or-nothing online gaming motto and introduce a modem; presumably this will follow the new Sega releases. With 800,000 registered members of SegaNet worldwide, the crossover is bound to see some use, but it's probably more for show than anything. Similar crossovers are planned with Nintendo and Microsoft eventually. The Dreamcast is no longer on sale in Japan and stocks are dwindling elsewhere too. Who's likely to use the crossover? Chu Chu Rocket fans, basically.

Source - Reuters

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