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Akaei Grouches about Alien Paranoia

Two new releases for British publisher this month

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Akaei, the British-based publisher formerly known as AAA Game, has announced that it will be releasing two new PC titles this month - The Grouch and M : Alien Paranoia. Both are 3D cartoon-style action-adventure games developed by Eclipse Software and Spain's Dinamic, and seem to aiming for an anarchic Stupid Invaders kind of style.


The Grouch puts you in the role of a "nice but dim" barbarian searching for his girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by a group of ogres wanting to "enrich the genetic map of their dying species". The mind boggles. Meanwhile M features an eponymous alien who crash lands his spaceship on a strange planet after getting too engrossed in a game of Human Invaders, and must now rebuild the craft and track down his .. you guessed it, missing girlfriend. These Spaniards must be really careless with their women.

We've yet to see review code for either game, but with both titles due for release within the next few weeks we should soon be able to let you know if the humour hits the mark or not.

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