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Dreamcast extinct in Japan

Going, going, gone

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When Sega stopped manufacturing Dreamcasts on the 31st of March, nobody really knew how long it would take for supply to dry up. As of yesterday though, Japan's is totally wiped out, thanks mostly to the incredible retail price of £49.99 that the consoles have been going for over there. Rumour has it a similar measure will be introduced shortly for the United Kingdom and European pricing of Dreamcast if they haven't all gone by then. With many great new Dreamcast releases still forecast for this year (including the Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure sequels to name a couple), prices in Japan for the consoles will likely go from rock bottom to sky high. If you do want a Dreamcast and haven't got round to buying one, we suggest you get your backside in gear and head down to your local electronics store. They're not long for this world. Related Feature - Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Source - Daily Radar

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