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Red Faction designers speak out about interesting new technology

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When we previewed Red Faction, Volition's potentially stunning new first person shooter for PC and PlayStation 2, we only had one major concern - that the Geo-Mod technology employed to allow for destructible scenery and a more realistic physics engine could be both a blessing and a curse. The idea of checking every door then just blasting a hole in the wall to continue will add a flavour of excitement, but what about situations when the player runs out of rockets and has to blow a hole in the wall? A fundamental problem, sure, and one that could easily be remedied by strategic placing of ammo stores or whatever suits the game world, but definitely a cause for concern. It turns out the Volition not only shared our trepidation for its own technology, but actually did something about it. In the interests of keeping things going and not forcing players to backtrack in search of ammo, Geo-Modding now takes up a more supplementary position. While blowing a hole in the wall may reveal a shortcut or hidden area, not being able to do so won't interrupt your progress, as "the game has deliberately been designed to only use Geo-Mod as a necessary tool in very few places". A spokesperson for publisher THQ told us that "Volition took this practical stance to ensure playability. Essentially, Red Faction introduces players to Geo-Mod technology without making it overly necessary in the game. But in this respect, now the learning curve has been initiated, we can look forwards to more extensive Geo-Mod fun in future products." "In multiplayer however, as the game has no such progressive structure, Geo-Mod can be used as much as the player desires, and is in fact encouraged!" Current estimates indicate that Red Faction will be with us on PlayStation 2 in June, but not on the PC until September, which gives Volition plenty of time to make their minds up. Related Feature - Red Faction Preview

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