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Sega can Black & White

There'll be no Dreamcast version, not from Sega anyway

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According to those on the floor at E3 last week, one Dreamcast announcement that wasn't terribly positive was the news that Sega no longer intend to publish a conversion of the critically acclaimed Black & White. Although there is still the opportunity for another publisher to pick up the strings, it would seem unlikely now that anything will come of the Dreamcast incarnation. A storm of controversy still surrounds Black & White, with some people loving it and predictably some people hating it. It's almost the perfect backdrop for the game that asks you to choose between good and evil. Console versions of the game were to be the next step, and although the PlayStation version is we believe still planned, the lack of a Dreamcast release will upset a lot of people. The next big piece of Black & White news will be the release of "the patch", which will apparently fix a number of bugs including a fiendish showstopper on Level 5. That was due out on Monday but there's no sign of it yet. We'll let you know when it materializes. Related Feature - Black & White Review

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