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Mario gets his own game

And the most obvious announcement of the expo so far...

GameCube minders Nintendo have hinted that Mario may star in his own game on the console, even though counterpart Luigi is being given his own title, "Luigi's Mansion". Satoru Iwata, director and general manager of Nintendo, responding to an off-the-cuff comment by Shigeru Miyamoto the day before, told IGN that "Miyamoto's real intent with that comment was not a reference to Luigi's Mansion, but maybe a plan he has for another Mario game." So Mario might be on the way - who would have guessed? But the possibilities for a Mario GameCube title based on Iwata's spindoctored comment are almost endless. The comment he refers to, made by Shigeru Miyamoto a day earlier was a passing one, claiming that we might see Mario at Space World later this year. Everyone immediately assumes that this means a Mario 64 revamp of some description, but it could be that, it could be a new Mario Kart title, it could be anything. Perhaps even a new Mario RPG? We'll be none the wiser by the time Space World hits unless Miyamoto or Iwata deign it so. Mr. Iwata's comments are in stark contrast to those of president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who wasn't even looking beyond E3 in his comments a fortnight ago about freezing the GameCube. Judging by the response to the system at E3 - everything from the mad bundle through the press conference doors yesterday to the wall-to-wall bodies waiting to see games like Phantasy Star Online Version 2, the GameCube will remain on course for its September 14th launch date in Japan. Related Feature - Nintendo's announcement

Source - IGN