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Elite Mission Pack

Enjoyable Star Trek FPS spawns mission pack, due out on Friday?

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Star Trek Voyager : Elite Force, which we awarded 8/10 in October of last year, has finally spawned a mission pack. Featuring two new campaigns, a fully modeled interior for Voyager, and many new multiplayer enhancements, the update shipped in America yesterday, and although Activision themselves are strangely clueless about it, Electronics Boutique reliably inform us that it will arrive the day after tomorrow over here. We'll just have to wait and see. Another notable part of the mission pack is actually an update to the original Elite Force, which adds numerous bug fixes in time-honoured style, and also includes the Jeri Ryan voice pack (she of Seven of Nine and jaw-dropping curves fame). Admittedly for many this is reason enough to fork out some cash on the mission pack, but just for your information, the Jeri Ryan voice pack is also included in the publicly released update patch, which weighs in at 21Mb. For the full feature rundown, make sure you investigate Raven Software's official website. Expect to see a review here soon. Related Feature - Star Trek Voyager : Elite Force Review

Source - Electronic Boutique

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