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UbiSoft Settles in

French publisher announces add-on pack for Settlers IV

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When UbiSoft bought out German publisher Blue Byte earlier this year, it picked up a number of well-loved games and franchises, including cutesy strategy series The Settlers. Now the company has announced that it will be publishing both an official add-on and a mission pack for the recently released Settlers IV. The mission pack will be released in Germany in July and in the rest of Europe this September, adding five new campaigns and a total of fifty missions to the game, as well as (for the first time in the Settlers series) a map editor and random scenario generator.

The add-on pack will be released across Europe in November, and introduces a new tribe of Trojans with a story which "fits perfectly into the Settlers saga and integrates familiar episodes of Greek mythology". Details are fairly scarce at this point, but apparently the Trojans will be more technically minded than other races, so expect all kinds of bizarre mechanical contraptions to be involved at some stage...

Source - press release

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