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Skysurfer does splits

Europeans get exclusive extra features in PlayStation 2 game

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While we've grown used to seeing games arriving here in Europe months after their American or Japanese release, it's not often that this delay results in anything other than frustration and grey imports. So it comes as a refreshing change to find that the publisher with the painfully hip name (that's "SWING! Entert@inment Media" to you) is adding some new features to Skysurfer for the game's "eagerly-awaited" European release on PlayStation 2.

Split screen action

First and foremost amongst these is a trio of new split-screen two player modes - suicidal sky divers can now face off in mid-air with freestyle, time extension and first wins modes. The first of these is fairly self-explanatory, while the second rewards you with extra time for pulling off moves at the right time, and the third blocks your opponent from completing a move if you can do it first, making for a more competitive event. Also included in the European release will be two new characters, five new skysurfboards, practice levels, and improved graphics and animations.

Whether this will be enough to rescue what was by all accounts a fairly disappointing early Japanese title remains to be seen, but it certainly can't hurt, and it's nice to see European publishers putting in the extra effort. Expect Skysurfer to appear on shelves across Europe some time this summer, distributed by Virgin.

Source - press release

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