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Teens get their kicks from gambling

And pornography - apparently this is big news

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The Register is reporting that teenagers are following in their elders' footsteps by gambling online and surfing for porn. 1.5 million UK kids supposedly visited a gambling site during March, according to a report from NetValue. We'd be interested in how this data is being collected, because in the last few weeks, whilst innocently looking around for a good source of card game rules, this writer was manhandled into about ten or twelve of the damn things via pop-up and auto-loading webpages. If all they're doing is counting clicks, perhaps they ought to look at the surfing trends. Presumably the same applies for sites that carry pornographic images, the sort of thing Connie's parental controls haven't been hiding well enough. One in five teenagers visited a porn site and stayed for a while Mum was out getting the groceries NetValue claim. NetValue's figures apparently match up with last year's too. Odd that. Apparently they find these things out by using representative panels of Internet users. So, is that really news? You tell us. It's certainly food for thought.

Source - The Register

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