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UbiSoft goes Planetside

UbiSoft to publish Verant's massively multiplayer shooter in Europe

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French publisher UbiSoft confirmed today that they will be publishing Verant's massively multiplayer first person shooter Planetside here in Europe, as well as in Australia and Japan. Expected to reach these desolate shores some time next spring, the game will see thousands of players taking on the role of corporate mercenaries fighting over bases scattered across an entire planet, with settings ranging from deserts to icy wastelands.

The announcement comes as no great surprise, as UbiSoft already publish Verant's previous role-playing game EverQuest across Europe, and are also lined up to publish their strategy title Sovereign if / when it finally sees the light of day. To date 360,000 players around the world have succumbed to the addictive online gaming phenomenon affectionately known to its victims as EverCrack, and if Planetside can live up to its promise it could well swallow up even more unsuspecting gamers...

Source - press release

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