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Hot vaginal action

Side-scrolling action that is, in "Catch The Sperm"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Quite possibly the most bizarre game that we have ever come across (um .. let me rephrase that) is "Catch the Sperm" from Swiss developer Phenomedia. Sponsored by Switzerland's Office of Public Health as part of their Stop Aids campaign, the game is a side-scrolling shooter which takes place within a woman's vagina and tasks you with firing your condom cannon at incoming sperm and viruses. Successfully stopping them earns you points, and the top 100 scores each week are displayed for all the world to see on the Catch the Sperm website.

Oh dear

Yes, it's a silly idea, but there is a serious message behind it all, even if it's somewhat lost behind the daft facade, cheesy music and instructions which include comments such as "slide the condom cannon up and down". [Stop giggling at the back there! - Ed] If you want to give it a go, head over to the Stop Aids website now!

Source - 3D Action Planet / Stop Aids

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